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Rainbow Zarvo's Zenia in Gold

Tosca 3 years old
Sable bitch
05.06.90 - 05.04.00

Tosca with her daughter

Tosca was bred by Bianca Rosenkilde of Kennel Zarvo. Tosca's top asset had to be her super personality. She really was the sweetest dog in the world. Under her great guidance I learnt my way around an agility ring, and nobody could have wished for a better dog to start with. She patiently waited for my ever-late commands and she meticulously performed every obstacle correctly and safely.

We sadly lost Tosca to a severe lung infection two months before she would have turned 10. I hope Tosca is now once again racing happily around on some green field in doggy heaven.

Tosca's sweet nature, strong maternal instincts and sound build led us to breed our first litter. And Tosca did not let us down. She nurtured her pups right up to ten weeks of age, never tiring of them.

My mother was hoping to keep a bitch puppy from Tosca's litter. So she had us worried when out popped one male after another. In total she had three males before finally, when we had just about given up hope: out came a tiny bitch that lay rather still. In fact, this bitch puppy was so tiny that it was a struggle to keep her alive for the first couple of days. And needless to say, with my mum eager to keep a daughter of her beloved Tosca and us both fighting to keep her going: Rea just had to stay.

Here's a picture of the whole litter at 8 weeks, just before the boys were off to their new homes:

      Shetla puppies

        From left to right they are:

        • Shetla's Aurelia All Gold, aka Rea
        • Shetla's Almond-eyed Archie, aka Mickey
        • Shetla's Alert Alwyn, aka Vaks
        • Shetla's Attaboy, aka Dudo

Rea lives with my mother. You can read more about her on her own page

Mickey lives with a family of father and two teenage daughters. He and Rea are the two that are the most like Tosca both in appearance and personality. We see Mickey at least a few times a year, when he comes to live with us while his family are on holiday. My only regret is that they do not compete with him in agility. I do some training with him when he is here with me, and he would make a super agility dog: he is fast, keen and good at seeking ahead for the next obstacle.

Vaks is a direct Danish translation of the adjective "alert" in his pedigree name. Vaks lives with a family of four: mum, dad, a boy and a girl. Physically he is on the smaller and more petite side, but his ego is huge. He has an exhausting job of keeping his busy family in check and has also been to obedience classes.

Dudo lives far away at the other end of the country. He lives on a farm with a grandma and grandpa, who say that he is just what they wanted and a treasure with their grandchildren. Their daughter-in-law also has a Sheltie and she suggested that this would be the right breed for them.

When I came up with the name "Almond-eyed Archie", my mother said I might be tempting fate and what if he turned out to get horribly round and big eyes. In Denmark you see, we have to register the puppies with names and all before they are three weeks old, so it is next to impossible to tell for sure what they will be like. Luckily Mickey did end up with nice almondshaped eyes.

Nemesis did strike, however, because Dudo turned out to be monorchid, i.e. only one testicle in place in the pouch. Guess it serves me right for giving him the name "Attaboy" which means That's a boy!

Tested for inheritable eye disease:
03.09.96, Vet Ib Engelhard: Tosca free from CEA and PRA (adult).