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Member of the Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club
Member of the Danish Kennel Club

Shetla's Smartypants

Tricolour bitch
Born 04.07.2008
38 cm

Smarty is the latest addition. She is out of Shetla's Cha-Cha Chaya and thus 3rd generation of my own breeding. She is also the apple of my eye :-)

This combination is practically an outcross; but her sire Blue Krispin Only for You vom Ohmtalteufel is linebred on Frisbee, whom I used for the Equinox litter out of Chaya's dam with very nice results (Etzi, Rina, Emsi, Ergo, Zinnia and Elliot).

There are several posts about Smarty on on my blog. The blog is mainly in Danish, but there are lots of photos. All posts about her are tagged with her name, so just click her name in the tag list to see them all.


Pedigree for Smarty:
        Oz Ch Aanara Knight Move ROMA
      N/S/DK/Fin Ch Hillacre High On Style
        Oz Ch Hillacre Hylites O Sarah ROMA
    NL/VDH/Lux/Int Ch Dawnville You've Gotta Be Kidding
        Can/S-A/Lux/NL/Int Ch Faradale Frisbee For Grandgables
      Dawnwille Queen of Spades
        NL/Int Ch Dawnville Tri 'n Stop Me
  Blue Krispin Only for You vom Ohmtalteufel
        Can Ch GrandGables Black Street Boy
      VDH Ch Grandgables Dressed to Impress
        Can Ch TR's All That Jazz
    DJg Ch Dawnwille Where There's Smoke
        Can/S-A/Lux/NL/Int Ch Faradale Frisbee For Grandgables
      NL/VDH/D/Lux/Int Ch Dawnville Naughty By Nature
        Blazecroft Danish Blue
Shetla's Smartypants
        DK/S/Klb Ch Danbrets Bronze Bajadser
      DK Ch Shellove Esprit
        Zarvo's Image In Black
    Shellove Servante
      Shellove Dad's Joy
        Shellove Dad's Divine
  Shetla's Cha-Cha Chaya
        Am/Can/DK Ch Rosewood U.S. Marshall
      Zarvo's American Wind On The Road
        Rosewood Royle Star HC
    Shetla's Boisterous Breeze
        Multi/Int Ch Dream's Runaway Match v. Alsterthal
      LP1 LP2 BRGPR SP2 DKAGCH Zarvo's Reason To Rejoice
        Zarvo's Excelent Black Dream