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Chaya 4 years old

  Shetla's Cha-Cha Chaya

Tricolour bitch
Born 01.03.04

Chaya 4 years old

Chaya is the second generation here at Shetla ( Breezy's daughter). I love her madly. She is very bright and very exuberant. She is a joy to train and work with. She is also a joy to just live with.

Chaya is continued linebreeding on USACH CANCH DKCH Rosewood's U.S. Marshall.  

However, let me immediately state that her inbreeding coefficient is only 2,73% based on five generations.

Her first show

Chaya was shown for the first time as a baby at the annual Sheltie Day in Helsingør. Judge was Tuula Tammelin. She awarded Chaya second best baby bitch and was nice enough to say it was a very close call between first and second place.

The critique: 5 months lovely baby bitch. Very well proportioned and moving. Correct details in head. Must not grow heavier in scull. Carries her head proudly. Well-angulated and well-placed limbs. Very well-bodied. Tight/strong back. Low-set long tail. Lovely baby coat. Shows nonstop. First class teamwork. 

Breezy & Chaya       Chaya 4½ months

More puppy photos of Chaya

A photo montage for her birthday 2008:

(Music: Armstrong's Beautiful World)

Tested for inheritable eye disease:
23.04.04, vet Mogens Aalund: Chaya free from CEA (no sign of inheritable eye disease).