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Bach's Rescue Remedy

A Natural Remedy to Alleviate Stress, Fear and Shock

Text by Nanna Holt Kjær (February 2000)

I have used Bach's Rescue Remedy for about a year. I have also corresponded with other users in Scandinavia and in the U.S. I find the remedy a big help and would therefore like to share my experiences with others.

My initial interest was sparked by one of my dog's fear of fireworks. The problem was, and is, that the use of fireworks is now no longer limited to New Year's Eve. Nowadays shooting off fireworks seems a natural event at parties and get-togethers all the year round, and practically every night throughout December. Most sedatives and other calming agents need a couple of hours to take effect, which makes them practically useless when the noise can occur unpredictably at any time. I mean who wants to keep their dog sedated all through December. It is a bad enough decision to have to make for just one night a year.

Then I heard about Bach's Rescue Remedy, a mixture of flower essences. This remedy is administered just after a shock or fright and takes effect very quickly. Where I used to have a shivering dog hiding under my bed, I now have a dog that lies quietly listening to the thunder, gunshots, fireworks or whatever. She still isn't completely indifferent like the rest of my gang who just lie on their backs on my sofa and couldn't care less. But it is a vast improvement. She no longer goes to pieces, and this is achieved without filling her body up with drugs.

DOSE: 3-4 drops directly into the dog's mouth.
If the desired result is not achieved within 10 minutes, repeat the dose.

Bach's Rescue Remedy does not cause drowsiness.

Dr. Edward Bach is the man behind the discovery of flower essences. The essences are produced from the flowers of non-poisonous wild plants and trees.

The remedy can be bought in a tiny bottle. A little goes a long way.

Obviously I cannot guarantee that this will work on all dogs, but there are many pleased users.

I would now use this remedy whenever my dog had an unpleasant or terrifying experience. This could be fear/stress from driving in a noisy vehicle, or from meeting an unruly or aggressive dog - especially if my dog was directly attacked.

It is my impression that it helps the dog recover faster and leaves the dog less likely to remember any negative episodes (e.g. next time it meets a new dog).

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